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Burning back pain is a symptom of one of any number of back problems. Your doctor can run tests to figure out which health issue is causing your pain and recommend treatment. If you are experiencing pain in your foot, the cause of the pain could be a problem in your back. Health problems that affect the nerves near your spine can cause both foot and back pain. If you experience pain in your foot, the cause might not involve an injury to your foot. Foot pain can be back-related, especially if you are also experiencing pain in your lower back. There are many sales and medical personnel who advocate the use of spinal decompression methods to help alleviate back pain and spine problems. According to an L.A. Times article (January 11, 2010), advocates of spinal decompression say it helps to slow the effects gravity has on the body while exercising, working or even just sitting. An injection into the spinal column that is designed to reduce pain is known as a spinal block. For those suffering from spinal stenosis, you may receive both diagnostic blocks and therapeutic blocks for your condition. Back pain after spinal surgery can be frustrating. After all, you had the surgery to eliminate pain. Unfortunately, pain after any surgery is inevitable, and pain after spine surgery - even minimally invasive surgery - is to be expected. Your body has been invaded, there is an incision and muscles need to realign based on what was fixed. All of this adds up to pain. Pain management is an essential part of your road to recovery. A lumbar hemangioma is a type of tumor that grows on your spine. Although it can be alarming to hear you have a tumor, hemangiomas are not cancerous or life-threatening.back pain symptoms The discs between the vertebrae of the spine can bulge and press against the closest nerve. There is a disc between each of the vertebrae of the spine, and the symptoms depend on where the bulging disc is located. Back pain in children is rare, but some conditions such as scoliosis or arthritis may cause adolescent back pain. Chronic back pain should be brought to the attention of a child's pediatrician for further investigation into its cause. With much disagreement about its essential characteristics, chronic low back pain remains a subject of controversy for medical professionals. This can impact how researchers approach the subject and the conclusions they reach. Arthroscopic surgery is a type of laser treatment for spinal disorders. It is minimally invasive, which cuts down on bleeding and other trauma, and it requires only local anesthesia. This surgery involves the use of fiber-optic instruments to examine the damaged area of the spine. It is an outpatient procedure, with minimal incisions. A bulging or herniated disc is a condition of an intervertebral disc where the inner portion of the disc presses against the outer wall of the disc and forces it to bulge into the spinal column. The disc is still intact, but it can lead to a more serious condition if it's not adequately examined and treated. Muscle knots can be nagging and painful. They can cause chronic pain in your back. Muscle knots are also a symptom of neck pain as well as shoulder muscle pain. Muscle knots are a result of your muscles tightening up because of the pain. Here is how to free your muscles knots. Slouching may seem comfortable for a while, but the long-term effects include lower back muscle pain and spine problems. This pain ranges from mild twinges to debilitating pain. Pain medicines and massage alleviates some pain short-term, but practicing correct posture while sitting or standing is the only way to alleviate it long-term.back pain exercises